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Android Pay

With Android Pay, simply unlock your phone, place it near a contactless terminal, and you’re good to go. Look for one of these symbols at checkout. See a list of Android Pay merchants.

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Look for the app on your phone — Android Pay comes preloaded on several devices. If your phone doesn’t have the app, simply download it from Google Play. If you already have a card in your Google account, you can add it to Android Pay by confirming a few details, or you can add a new card.
For phone verification, call 1-844-646-5465.


Simply unlock your phone and tap to use Android Pay at any merchant that accepts contactless payments.

Make secure payments

When you shop at a merchant, Android Pay doesn’t send your actual debit card number with your payment. A virtual account number is used to represent your account information — so your card and details stay safe.

Frequently asked questions

Which devices are compatible with Android Pay?

Android devices that run on KitKat 4.4 and above are compatible with Android Pay.

Do I need to have a password lock on my Android Phone in order to use Android Pay?

Yes, Android Pay requires you to have a password lock on your phone in order to use your digital wallet.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

You do not need an internet connection for in-store contactless payments.

Will my ATM card work for Android Pay?

No, ATMs and ATM cards are not compatible with the Android Pay service.

Am I liable for fraudulent transactions?

No. Whether you use Android Pay or a physical Mastercard, you are covered with MasterCard’s Zero Liability Protection. That means we will notify you immediately if fraud is suspected on your card and that you will not be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions.

What if my device is lost or stolen?

You can remove your BSI Debit Card from Android Pay on the web:

  • Sign in to
  • On the left, click Payment Methods
  • To the right of the card, click Remove

You can also use the Android Device Manager to find, lock or erase it. Since Android does not store your card details on your phone, anyone who finds or steals your phone won’t be able to access that information, even if it’s unlocked.

What should I do when I receive a new physical card?

If you have a new card, simply go through the initial set up required to add a new card to Android Pay.

My physical debit card looks different than the one in my Android Pay Digital Wallet. Is it still the same card?

Yes. If you have a Packard debit card, a business debit card or an HSA debit card, your digital card will look different but it will still work the same as you r physical card with the same benefits.

How will Android Pay transactions appear on my statements?

Android Pay transactions will show up as mobile purchase types with the merchant listed.

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